Kinematic Microscope Objective Mount

  • Designed to Mount RMS-Threaded Microscope Objectives
  • Removable Knobs Expose Hex Sockets in Lead Screws
  • Post Mountable Hardened Steel Inserts Remove Wear


KM100R Mount Shown with an RMS10X Objective
(RMS10X Not Included)

Application Idea

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  • 0.800"-36 RMS Microscope Objective Thread
  • Angular Range: ±4°
  • Resolution: 8 mrad (0.5°) per rev
  • 1/4"-80 Stainless Steel Lead Screws with Brass Bushings
  • Fabricated from Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Post Mountable via 8 (M4) Counterbored Clearance Hole

The KM100R Kinematic Microscope Objective Mount is specifically designed to allow easy integration of standard RMS-threaded microscope objectives (sold separately) into free-space setups. The mount features 1/4"-80 adjusters for tip and tilt adjustments. An optional accessory, the LN2580 bronze locking nut, is available to lock the adjusters once the desired position is reached.

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RMS-Threaded Kinematic Microscope Objective Mount

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KM100R Support Documentation
KM100RKinematic Mirror Mount For Microscope Objectives