Lab Mats

  • Multilayered Adhesive Mat with Numbered Layers (30 Total)
  • Textured, Non-Slip, Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats


Lab Mat Sheets are Numbered to Indicate How Many Sheets Remain


600.0 mm x 910.0 mm
(23.62" x 35.83")
Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Thorlabs offers two solutions for floor mats in the laboratory: clean-walk and anti-fatigue mats. The Clean-Walk adhesive floor mats have a tacky adhesive-coated film that effectively captures dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels before entering controlled environments. Our black, rubber anti-fatigue mats are available in three lengths and offer a non-slip, shock absorbing surface ideal for applications that require long periods of standing. 

Posted Comments:
Dominik Marti  (posted 2021-10-25 07:26:10.84)
I got these mats, but they don't seem to match the description. First, the numbers are printed on the sheets in ascending order rather than descending, counting down the number of sheets left. Second, when removing the tape-marked side clear film, the mats are not sticky and won't stick to the floor. The clear film on the back that I removed is very sticky, though. I also considered putting the mats "number down", with the sticky top, but then the backside where one walks on is still not sticky, as it is the back side.
cdolbashian  (posted 2021-10-27 03:48:35.0)
Thank you for reaching out to us about this issue. We apologize for the numbering convention. We recently switched the numbering convention and will work on updating the information on our web page to reflect this. Regarding the backside (the part which adheres to the ground) and its lack of adhesive, I have contacted you directly to address this.
bdada  (posted 2012-03-21 18:51:00.0)
Response from Buki at Thorlabs: Thank you for your feedback. We tested one in our lab and there is an adhesive backing that allows it to be attached to the floor. This product has 30 layers that should be removed as the outermost layer gets dirty. We will review our stock to make sure we do not have defective mats. In the case that you have a defective product, we would like to replace it. Unfortunately, we do not have your contact information. Please email with your sales order or PO# so we can send a replacement.
user  (posted 2012-03-16 16:37:38.0)
Just recieved one of these and it doesn't seem to have any way to attach to the floor, ends up just sliding around, could the one I recieved be defective.
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Clean-Walk Mats

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Adhesive Coating Captures Dirt and Dust from Foot Traffic
  • 30 Transparent Adhesive-Coated Sheets
  • Sheet Dimensions: 24" × 36" (609.9 mm × 914.4 mm)
  • Adheres to Clean, Dry Floor

These adhesive floor mats have a tacky adhesive-coated film that effectively captures dirt, dust, and fiber shards from foot traffic and equipment wheels before entering and when exiting controlled environments. Each layer is numbered, which helps both to ensure one-sheet removal and to identify the number of remaining sheets. Low-profile construction reduces the risk of tripping and allows free movement of foot or wheel traffic.

The adhesive mat contains 30 transparent sheets, measuring 24" × 36" (609.9 mm × 914.4 mm), with polyethylene film backing. Simply remove the clear backing, marked with a piece of tape, from the back of the mat to expose a tacky adhesive backing that sticks directly to a clean, dry floor.

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ESD2436 Support Documentation
ESD243624" x 36" (609.9 mm × 914.4 mm) Adhesive Mat, 30 Sheets
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Anti-Fatigue Mats

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The AFM4 Anti-Fatigue Mat being Used in Front of a 4' (1200 mm)
Wide ScienceDesk Workstation
  • Three Size Options Available:
    • AFM4: 910.0 mm x 600.0 mm (35.83" x 23.62")
    • AFM5: 1830.0 mm x 910.0 mm (72.05" x 35.83")
    • AFM6: 2440.0 mm x 910.0 mm (96.06" x 35.83")
  • Foam Backing Cushions Feet and Absorbs Shock
  • Textured Top Surface Provides Traction and Prevents Slipping
  • Rubber Surface is Resistant to Grease and Chemicals

These black anti-fatigue mats are ideal for use when standing for long periods of time. A foam backing cushions the feet and absorbs shock, while a textured, rubber surface provides traction and prevents slipping. All exposed edges are tapered to minimize trip hazards and to allow trolleys and carts to roll over without snagging. These mats may be subject to static electricity build up.

Three different sizes are available to span different table or work surface lengths. A 910 mm (35.83") long mat is available for use with our range of ScienceDesk™ workstations, as shown in the image to the right, or breadboard frames. Additionally, 1830.0 mm (72.05") and 2440.0 mm (96.06") long mats are provided for use with our 6' (2 m) or 8' (2.5 m) long Nexus® optical tables or optical table workstations.

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AFM4 Support Documentation
AFM4Anti-Fatigue Mat, 910.0 mm x 600.0 mm (35.83" x 23.62")
AFM5 Support Documentation
AFM5Anti-Fatigue Mat, 1830.0 mm x 910.0 mm (72.05" x 35.83")
AFM6 Support Documentation
AFM6Anti-Fatigue Mat, 2440.0 mm x 910.0 mm (96.06" x 35.83")