K-Cube™ and T-Cube™ Power Supply Options

  • External Power Supplies for K-Cube™ and T-Cube™ Controllers
  • USB Controller Hubs Provide Power and Communication for K-Cubes and T-Cubes


USB Controller Hub for Three
K-Cubes and T-Cubes


For Two K- or T-Cubes


For One K- or T-Cube
One Region-Specific Plug Included


USB Controller Hub for Six
K-Cubes and T-Cubes

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The KCH601 USB Controller Hub with installed
K-Cube modules. 


  • Power Supplies for Individual K-Cubes™ and T-Cubes™
  • Power Supply for Up to Two K-Cubes and T-Cubes
  • USB Controller Hubs Combine Power and Communications for Up to Three or Six K-Cubes or T-Cubes
  • Adapter Plates for Using T-Cubes with USB Controller Hubs

Please note that with the exception of the USB Controller Hubs, each power supply is not compatible with all K-Cubes and T-Cubes. Please verify that the power supply can provide the required voltage and amperage for the K-Cubes and T-Cubes being used. See below for more details on choosing the correct option.

Power Supply Compatibility
Item # Max Number of
Modules Powered
Motion Control Modules Light Source & Driver Modules
KPS201 One KBD101, KDC101, KIM001, KIM101, KPC101KSC101, and KST201 KLS635, KLS1550, and LEDD1B
KCH301 Three Compatible with All Variantsb
KCH601 Six
  • The TPS002 can only support one KNA-VIS or KNA-IR controller and should not be used to power any additional units due to current limitations.
  • A KAP101 or KAP102 Adapter Plate is required to use a T-Cube with the KCH301 or KCH601.

Posted Comments:
Joey Tan  (posted 2022-06-27 18:06:06.997)
We lost the Mini-DIN Connectors for TPS002, how can I get it in China? Thanks.
Yunwei Sheng  (posted 2021-04-13 08:37:09.307)
Hello, We bought the KPRM1E/M including the rotation stage and the motor driver. Now we cannot find the power supply and the USB cable of the KDC101 motor controller. I suppose we should buy a KPS101 as the power supply, but which one should I buy as the USB cable? Thank you. Yunwei
cwright  (posted 2021-04-14 11:18:29.0)
Response from Charles at Thorlabs: Hello and thank you for your query. Unfortunately the exact cables we send out (the locking USB 3.0 type) are not available on our site but we can provide a replacement. I will reach out to you about this. It may be helpful to know that it is actually possible to use these with any micro-USB 2.0 cable with no ill-effects.
user  (posted 2019-04-15 17:17:26.69)
P/S has no output (0V) after about 1 year in operation. Is it more likely to fail if it's plugged in all the time?
rmiron  (posted 2019-04-16 10:46:34.0)
Response from Radu at Thorlabs: We are sorry to hear that your power supply had such a short lifetime. We aim to only sell high-quality power supplies with our devices, but failures can still occur. There are multiple mechanisms by which a supply can fail. Keeping them continuously plugged into the mains, even if the device is switched off or disconnected, can make some of these failure mechanisms more likely. This is due to an increased exposure to input voltage fluctuations and surge currents. Even with anti-surge protection circuitry in place, this still makes the internal ceramic capacitors more likely to crack and the semiconductor-based elements (diodes & switches) more likely to get damaged. With that being said, your supply is still under warranty. Therefore, I recommend that you contact your local technical support team and ask for a replacement.
neuhaus  (posted 2013-09-11 16:34:18.31)
Dear Sir or Madame, please specify the inner diameter of the connector (for TDC001) (inner: 1.3 or 1.45 mm; outer: 3.5mm). Thank you with best regards, Jörg Neuhaus
jlow  (posted 2013-09-11 13:28:00.0)
Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: The barrel size is 1.3mm.
mthiel  (posted 2007-12-20 09:08:25.0)
I did not see that the TPS002 power supply that we ordered is not compatible with our T-cubes for LEDD1 (actually this is not very logical because you sell TPS001 and TPS008 compatible, but not TPS002, this should be made clearer on your website because there is a denomination"T-cube" for all the T-cubes TDC001, TST001, LEDD1, TSC001 etc, although they are very different...)
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K-Cube™ and T-Cube™ Power Supplies

Power Supply Adapters
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Region-Specific Adapters for KPS201
Input Specifications
Item # Mains Voltage Requirements
KPS201 100 - 240 V, 1 A Max, 47 - 63 Hz
TPS002 90 - 264 V, 0.8 A Max, 47 - 63 Hz
  • Individual Power Supplies for One K-Cube or T-Cube
    • KPS201: For K-Cubes or T-Cubes with 3.5 mm Jacks
  • Power Supply for up to Two K-Cubes or T-Cubes
    • TPS002: For K-Cubes or T-Cubes with Mini-DIN Input

The KPS201 offers a simple power supply for select individual K-Cubes or T-Cubes, while the TPS002 supplies power for one or two select K-Cubes or T-Cubes. Please refer to the compatibility information in the list or table above. The TPS002 can only support one KNA-VIS or KNA-IR controller and should not be used to power any additional units due to potentially exceeding the current limit.

The cubes need to be hooked up individually to a computer via a USB cable to use them with the motion control software. One region-specific plug adapter, selectable at checkout, is included with each power supply. The adapter plugs for the KPS201 are shown to the right.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
KPS201 Support Documentation
KPS20115 V, 2.66 A Power Supply Unit with 3.5 mm Jack Connector for One K- or T-Cube
TPS002 Support Documentation
TPS002±15 V/5 V Power Supply Unit with Mini-DIN Connectors for up to Two K- or T-Cubes
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USB Controller Hubs for K-Cubes™ and T-Cubes™

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KCH301 USB Controller Hub with Installed
K-Cube Modules
Input Specifications
Item # Mains Voltage Requirements
80 - 264 V, 1.8 A Max, 47 - 63 Hz
  • USB Controller Hubs for up to Three or Six K-Cubes or
  • Provide Power and Communication with a Single USB Cable and a Single Power Connection
  • Adapter Plate Connects T-Cube to Hub

These USB Controller Hubs have been designed specifically with multiple K-Cube and T-Cube operation in mind. The hub vastly reduces the number of USB and power cables required when operating multiple K-Cubes or T-Cubes. Furthermore, a USB output connector can be connected to the USB input on another unit, allowing multiple Controller Hubs to be connected together while still only using a single USB cable from the host control PC.

The hub draws a maximum current of 10 A; please verify that the cubes being used do not require a total current of more than 10 A.

The KCH301 and KCH601 Controller Hubs are compatible with all K-Cube and T-Cube modules. A KAP101 or KAP102 Adapter Plate (sold separately) is required for each T-Cube to operate on the controller hub. The KAP101 is designed to adapt 60 mm wide T-Cubes to the hubs, while the KAP102 is designed to adapt 120 mm wide T-Cubes to the hubs.

For more information on the USB Controller Hubs, see the full web presentation.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
KCH301 Support Documentation
KCH301USB Controller Hub and Power Supply for Three K-Cubes or T-Cubes
7-10 Days
KCH601 Support Documentation
KCH601USB Controller Hub and Power Supply for Six K-Cubes or T-Cubes
7-10 Days
KAP101 Support Documentation
KAP101Adapter Plate for KCH Series Hubs and 60 mm Wide T-Cubes
KAP102 Support Documentation
KAP102Adapter Plate for KCH Series Hubs and 120 mm Wide T-Cubes