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K-Cube™ and T-Cube™ Power Supply Options

  • External Power Supplies for K-Cube™ and T-Cube™ Controllers
  • USB Controller Hubs Provide Power and Communication for K-Cubes and T-Cubes


USB Controller Hub for Three
K-Cubes and T-Cubes


For Two K- or T-Cubes


For One K- or T-Cube
One Region-Specific Plug Included


USB Controller Hub for Six
K-Cubes and T-Cubes

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  • K-Cube and T-Cube modules are fully compatible with one another.

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The KCH601 USB Controller Hub with installed K-Cube and T-Cube modules. One KAP101 adapter plate is used for the T-Cube on the hub.


  • Power Supplies for Individual K-Cubes™ and T-Cubes™
  • Power Supply for Up to Two K-Cubes and T-Cubes
  • USB Controller Hubs Combine Power and Communications for Up to Three or Six K-Cubes or T-Cubes
  • Adapter Plates for Using T-Cubes with USB Controller Hubs

Please note that with the exception of the USB Controller Hubs, each power supply is not compatible with all K-Cubes and T-Cubes. Please verify that the power supply can provide the required voltage and amperage for the K-Cubes and T-Cubes being used. See below for more details on choosing the correct option.

Power Supply Compatibility
Item # Max Number of
Modules Powered
Motion Control Modules Light Source Modules Temperature Control Modules
KPS101 One KBD101, KDC101, KIM101, KSC101, and KST101 KLS635, KLS1550, and LEDD1B -
TPS101 One - - TTC001
TPS002 Two KPZ101, TNA001/IR,
KPA101, and KSG101
TLD001 -
KCH301 Three Compatible with All Variantsa
KCH601 Six
  • A KAP101 or KAP102 Adapter Plate is required to use a T-Cube with the KCH301 or KCH601.

Posted Comments:
neuhaus  (posted 2013-09-11 16:34:18.31)
Dear Sir or Madame, please specify the inner diameter of the connector (for TDC001) (inner: 1.3 or 1.45 mm; outer: 3.5mm). Thank you with best regards, Jörg Neuhaus
jlow  (posted 2013-09-11 13:28:00.0)
Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: The barrel size is 1.3mm.
mthiel  (posted 2007-12-20 09:08:25.0)
I did not see that the TPS002 power supply that we ordered is not compatible with our T-cubes for LEDD1 (actually this is not very logical because you sell TPS001 and TPS008 compatible, but not TPS002, this should be made clearer on your website because there is a denomination"T-cube" for all the T-cubes TDC001, TST001, LEDD1, TSC001 etc, although they are very different...)

K-Cube™ and T-Cube™ Power Supplies

photo of power supply adapters
Click for Details

Region-Specific Adapters for KPS101
Input Specifications
Item # Mains Voltage Requirements
KPS101 80 - 264 V, 0.9 A Max, 47 - 63 Hz
TPS101 90 - 264 V, 0.4 A Max, 47 - 63 Hz
TPS002 90 - 264 V, 0.8 A Max, 47 - 63 Hz
  • Individual Power Supplies for One K-Cube or T-Cube
    • KPS101: Compatible with KBD101, KDC101, KIM101, KLS635, KLS1550, KSC101, KST101, LEDD1B, TIA60, or TSC001 Modules
    • TPS101: Compatible with TTC001 Module
  • Power Supply for up to Two K-Cubes or T-Cubes
    • TPS002: Compatible with KPZ101, TNA001/IR, KPA101, KSG101, or TLD001 Modules

The KPS101 and TPS101 offer a simple power supply for select individual K-Cubes or T-Cubes, while the TPS002 supplies power for one or two select K-Cubes or T-Cubes. Please refer to the compatibility information in the list or table above.

The cubes need to be hooked up individually to a computer via a USB cable to use them with the motion control software. A region-specific adapter plug is shipped with the power supply unit based on your location. The adapter plugs for the KPS101 are shown to the right.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
KPS101 Support Documentation
KPS10115 V, 2.4 A Power Supply Unit with 3.5 mm Jack Connector for One K- or T-Cube
TPS101 Support Documentation
TPS1015 V, 2.0 A Power Supply Unit for One TTC001 Module
TPS002 Support Documentation
TPS002±15 V/5 V Power Supply Unit for up to Two KPZ101, TNA001/IR, KPA101, KSG101, or TLD001 Modules

USB Controller Hubs for K-Cubes™ and T-Cubes™

Click to Enlarge

KCH301 USB Controller Hub with Installed
K-Cube and T-Cube Modules
(T-Cube is Shown on a KAP101 Adapter)
Input Specifications
Item # Mains Voltage Requirements
80 - 264 V, 1.8 A Max, 47 - 63 Hz
  • USB Controller Hubs for up to Three or Six K-Cubes or T-Cubes
  • Provide Power and Communication with a Single USB Cable and a Single Power Connection
  • Adapter Plate Connects T-Cube to Hub

These USB Controller Hubs have been designed specifically with multiple K-Cube and T-Cube operation in mind. The hub vastly reduces the number of USB and power cables required when operating multiple K-Cubes or T-Cubes. Furthermore, a USB output connector can be connected to the USB input on another unit, allowing multiple Controller Hubs to be connected together while still only using a single USB cable from the host control PC.

The hub draws a maximum current of 10 A; please verify that the cubes being used do not require a total current of more than 10 A.

The KCH301 and KCH601 Controller Hubs are compatible with all K-Cube and T-Cube modules. A KAP101 or KAP102 Adapter Plate (sold separately) is required for each T-Cube to operate on the controller hub. The KAP101 is designed to adapt 60 mm wide T-Cubes to the hubs, while the KAP102 is designed to adapt 120 mm wide T-Cubes to the hubs.

For more information on the USB Controller Hubs, see the full web presentation.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
KCH301 Support Documentation
KCH301USB Controller Hub and Power Supply for Three K-Cubes or T-Cubes
KCH601 Support Documentation
KCH601USB Controller Hub and Power Supply for Six K-Cubes or T-Cubes
KAP101 Support Documentation
KAP101Adapter Plate for KCH Series Hubs and 60 mm Wide T-Cubes
KAP102 Support Documentation
KAP102Adapter Plate for KCH Series Hubs and 120 mm Wide T-Cubes
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