Rail-Mountable Shelf for Enclosure Frames

  • Shelf Can be Mounted to T-Slots in 50 mm or 75 mm Rails
  • Compatible with LFE1220 and LFE1220W Enclosure Frames
  • Slots on Shelf Assist with Airflow


Rail-Mountable Shelf for Enclosure Frames

Application Idea

The LFES1 Hanging Shelf can be mounted to the T-slots in the rails that support the ceiling of an LFE1220 Enclosure Frame.

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Stacked LFES1 Shelves for
Laminar Flow Enclosure Frames
General Specifications
Maximum Loada 70.0 kg (154.0 lbs)
Shelf Dimensions (W x L) 350.0 mm x 1175.0 mm
(13.78" x 46.26")
Shelf Weightb 6.74 kg (14.83 lbs)
Shelf Hanging Heightc 403.0 mm (15.87")
  • This is the maximum load of the hanging shelf. Be careful not to exceed the maximum load of the structure to which the shelf is mounted.
  • Includes Hanging Bars and Mounting Equipment
  • With the Included Hanging Bars


The LFES1 Hanging Shelf can be mounted to systems constructed from 50 mm or 75 mm XE Construction Rails, such as Thorlabs' LFE1220(W) Enclosure Frames or Laminar Flow Enclosures. The shelf panel is slotted to improve airflow for mounted equipment and to preserve laminar flow within laminar flow enclosures. To mount the shelf, the top-bar of the shelf's hanging frame can be connected two adjacent T-slots in a 50 mm or 75 mm rail using the included mounting hardware. The shelf features 403.0 mm of vertical space from the shelf surface to the top of the mounting cross bars, and the height can be adjusted by swapping out the included vertical hanging bars with 25 mm rail extrusions of a different length. For additional shelving space, multiple hanging shelf units can be stacked, as shown in the image to the right.

50 mm & 75 mm Construction Rail Accessories
50 mm Rails 75 mm Rails Nuts and Screws Mounts Feet Rail Joiners Channel Cover Channel Cover
50 mm Rails 75 mm Rails T-Nuts and
Mounting Feet Rail Joiners Channel Insert Hanging Shelf
Physical Properties of 25, 50, & 75 mm Rails
Rail Size 25 mm x 25 mm 50 mm x 50 mm 50 mm x 75 mm 75 mm x 75 mm
Rail Cross Section XE25 Rail Profile XE50 Rail Profile XE5075 Rail Profile XE75 Rail Profile
Mass/Length 0.811 kg/m 2.227 kg/m 2.959 kg/m 3.690 kg/m
Cross-Sectional Area 3.13 cm2 8.25 cm2 10.96 cm2 13.67 cm2
Moment of Areaa
X-Axis 1.68 cm4 23.9 cm4 33.9 cm4 96.4 cm4
Y-Axis 1.68 cm4 24.2 cm4 70.0 cm4 97.1 cm4
Aluminum Alloy 6000 Series 6063-T6
  • The second moment of area, also known as the area moment of inertia, of a beam is a physical property that represents the beam's ability to resist bending under load. This property takes into account the distribution of material and its distance from the specified axis.

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Rail-Mountable Shelf for Enclosure Frames

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LFES1Hanging Shelf with Mounting Hardware for Enclosure Frames