Product Demonstration Webinar Series

Product Demonstration Webinar Series

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Thorlabs' live product demonstrations provide information on how to use our products, highlight key features and specifications, and showcase how our products can be used to solve everyday problems. Register for an upcoming Demo to connect directly with our engineering team and get answers to any questions you may have about the products or their applications. Missed an event? Contact Tech Sales at any time for questions or to schedule a separate time to review one of our systems.

Keep an eye on this page for announcements about future product demonstrations, or you can browse the content from prior ones on the Recorded Demos tab.

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Previously Recorded Demonstrations

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Each Thorlabs Product Demonstration is recorded and added to the archive on this page. To see what is coming next, please see the Upcoming Demos tab.

Obtaining Spectral Measurements: Live Product Demo

Dr. Carl Borgentun, a member of Thorlabs' optical spectrum analyzers development team, will demonstrate the newly released Redstone® Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA305). This live demonstration will include an example of gas absorption spectroscopy, some interactive examples using the GUI interface, an explanation of customization options, and a review of Thorlabs' Software Development Kit possibilities for LabVIEW, C++, C#, and Python.

Presented by Dr. Carl Borgentun, OSA Research and Development at Thorlabs

Large Field of View Raman Spectroscopy Using Large Coded Apertures

In this webinar, we present a new Raman spectroscopy kit that uses an aperture with a patterned mask. Its novel design allows for Raman measurements with a very large 2 mm² field of view while maintaining good sensitivity and spectral resolution.

Presented by Dr. Sönke Oswald, Technical Support Engineer

Multivariate Optical Elements (MOE) for Real-Time Chemical Sensing

This webinar will provide a brief overview of how Thorlabs’ Multivariate Optical Element (MOE) technology may be used for chemical sensing applications versus optical spectroscopy. Adam Fisher will demonstrate several system design variations, as well as a benchtop system. He will conclude with some exciting updates regarding Thorlabs’ MOE technology in 2021.

Presented by Adam Fisher, Team Lead, Thorlabs Spectral Works

EXULUS® Spatial Light Modulators: Principles and Applications

In this webinar, Dr. Yat Hei Lo will introduce liquid-crystal-based spatial light modulators (SLM). This discussion will include basic SLM principles, structures, and applications, as well as theories behind their operation. He will also describe Thorlabs’ EXULUS® SLM product series.

Presented by Yat Hei Lo, Liquid Crystal Manager

ORIC® Piezo Inertia Drive Stages: Travel from Nano to Infinity

In this webinar, Dr. Renlong Gao will discuss the mechanism behind piezoelectric inertia drive motors and how that mechanism is used in Thorlabs’ ORIC® stage series to extend motion from nanometer scales to infinite travel. In this discussion, he will also introduce the current ORIC stages, and will share information about new stages and features currently under development.

Presented by Renlong Gao, Piezo Manager

Introducing the Quantum Cryptography Teaching Kit

With quantum technology entering a new phase in quantum computing, sensing, and communication, the topic of quantum optics in general, and quantum cryptography in particular, is of high interest in the teaching community. In our educational kit, we allow students to experience every major step of the BB84 quantum cryptography protocol.

Presented by Jens Küchenmeister, Leader, Thorlabs Educational Products

Galvanometer Laser Scanning Solutions: Design and Applications

Thorlabs has recently expanded its offering of galvanometer scanning systems. In this presentation, we will discuss the characteristics of our single- and dual-axis configurations. We will also highlight our novel three-axis galvanometers, which utilize post-objective scanning for dynamic focusing. The webinar will then describe popular laser scanning applications, including laser processing and imaging, and illustrate the benefits of Thorlabs’ portfolio and OEM capabilities.

Presented by Brian Candiloro, Director of Engineering, Thorlabs Measurement Systems

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