Adjustable Ø1.5" Lens Tubes

  • Rotating Adjustment of Ø1.5" Optics
  • Internal and External SM1.5 (1.535"-40) Threads

Application Idea

SM1.5V10 Adjustable Lens Tube Connected to a Ø1.5" Lens Tube and Post-Mounted Using an SM1.5RC Slip Ring




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Adjustable Lens Tube Usage

Simplified Mechanical Drawing


  • Adjustable Positioning of Optics Along the Optical Axis of an SM1.5 Lens Tube System
  • Internally and Externally SM1.5 (1.535"-40) Threaded
  • Rotating Optic Design
  • Three Adjustment Ranges
    • SM1.5V05: 0.31" (7.9 mm)
    • SM1.5V10: 0.81" (20.6 mm)
    • SM1.5V15: 1.31" (33.3 mm)
  • Maximum Optic Thickness of 0.4" (10 mm) using Included SM1.5RR Retaining Ring
  • A 0.11" (2.8 mm) Thick SM1.5NT1 Locking Ring is Included

These SM1.5-threaded (1.535"-40) adjustable lens tubes have an extra-long externally threaded section, allowing Ø1.5" optics to be positioned along the optical axis of a Ø1.5" lens tube system. To operate, mount the optic in the internally threaded section using the included SM1.5RR retaining ring. Then thread the adjustable lens tube into an internally SM1.5-threaded lens tube or mount until the optic is at the desired position. Use the included SM1.5NT1 slotted locking ring to fix the position of the lens tube.

For applications where it is difficult to reach the locking ring by hand, we offer the SPW504 Spanner Wrench. The included locking ring contains slots for the 2¼" end of the spanner wrench.

These adjustable lens tubes are an ideal solution for fine tuning of the first and last lenses in a lens tube system. Although a lens tube can be attached to the front of the adjustable lens tube, it should only be done after the position has been fixed, since this lens tube will need to be free to rotate and translate if the position is changed. Like our standard lens tubes, these adjustable lens tubes are made of black anodized aluminum.

Item # External Thread Length (L) Internal Thread Length Maximum Adjustment Rangea
SM1.5V05 0.50" (12.7 mm) 0.59" (15.0 mm) 0.31" (7.9 mm)
SM1.5V10 1.00" (25.4 mm) 0.81" (20.6 mm)
SM1.5V15 1.50" (38.1 mm) 1.31" (33.3 mm)
  • Accounts for the 0.11" (2.8 mm) thickness of one SM1.5NT locking ring and the 0.08" (2 mm) minimum thread depth needed for the attached lens tube or component.
Alternatives Ø1/2", Ø1", Ø2", and Ø3" Adjustable Lens Tubes

Thorlabs' Threading Specifications

Thorlabs' lens tubes utilize a series of non-standard threadings. Threading specifications are given below for our SM threadings utilized in our lens tube and cage system components so that you can machine mating components to suit your application. We also offer products with C-Mount and RMS threadings, and the specifications for these threadings are also given below. Please note that other manufacturers may have different tolerances for these threads. For other thread specifications that are not listed here, please contact Tech Support.

SM05 Threading: Ø1/2" Lens Tubes, 16 mm Cage Systems
External Thread, 0.535"-40.0, UNS-2A Internal Thread, 0.535"-40.0, UNS-2B
Max Major Diameter 0.5340" Min Major Diameter 0.5350"
Min Major Diameter 0.5289" Min Pitch Diameter 0.5188"
Max Pitch Diameter 0.5178" Max Pitch Diameter 0.5230"
Min Pitch Diameter 0.5146" Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread) 0.508"
Max Minor Diameter 0.5069" Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread) 0.514"
RMS Threading: Objective, Scan, and Tube Lenses
External Thread, 0.800"-36.0, UNS-2A Internal Thread, 0.800"-36.0, UNS-2B
Max Major Diameter 0.7989" Min Major Diameter 0.8000"
Min Major Diameter 0.7934" Min Pitch Diameter 0.7820"
Max Pitch Diameter 0.7809" Max Pitch Diameter 0.7866"
Min Pitch Diameter 0.7774" Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread) 0.770"
Max Minor Diameter 0.7688" Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread) 0.777"
C-Mount Threading: Machine Vision Lenses, CCD/CMOS Cameras
External Thread, 1.000"-32.0, UN-2A Internal Thread, 1.000"-32.0, UN-2B
Max Major Diameter 0.9989" Min Major Diameter 1.0000"
Min Major Diameter 0.9929" Min Pitch Diameter 0.9797"
Max Pitch Diameter 0.9786" Max Pitch Diameter 0.9846"
Min Pitch Diameter 0.9748" Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread) 0.966"
Max Minor Diameter 0.9651" Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread) 0.974"
SM1 Threading: Ø1" Lens Tubes, 30 mm Cage Systems
External Thread, 1.035"-40.0, UNS-2A Internal Thread, 1.035"-40.0, UNS-2B
Max Major Diameter 1.0339" Min Major Diameter 1.0350"
Min Major Diameter 1.0288" Min Pitch Diameter 1.0188"
Max Pitch Diameter 1.0177" Max Pitch Diameter 1.0234"
Min Pitch Diameter 1.0142" Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread) 1.008"
Max Minor Diameter 1.0068" Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread) 1.014"
SM30 Threading: Ø30 mm Lens Tubes
External Thread, M30.5x0.5 Internal Thread, M30.5x0.5
Max Major Diameter 30.480 mm Min Major Diameter 30.500 mm
Min Major Diameter 30.371 mm Min Pitch Diameter 30.175 mm
Max Pitch Diameter 30.155 mm Max Pitch Diameter 30.302 mm
Min Pitch Diameter 30.059 mm Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread) 29.959 mm
Max Minor Diameter 29.938 mm Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread) 30.094 mm
SM1.5 Threading: Ø1.5" Lens Tubes
External Thread, 1.535"-40, UNS-2A Internal Thread, 1.535"-40, UNS-2B
Max Major Diameter 1.5339" Min Major Diameter 1.535"
Min Major Diameter 1.5288" Min Pitch Diameter 1.5188"
Max Pitch Diameter 1.5177" Max Pitch Diameter 1.5236"
Min Pitch Diameter 1.5140" Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread) 1.508"
Max Minor Diameter 1.5068" Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread) 1.514"
SM2 Threading: Ø2" Lens Tubes, 60 mm Cage Systems
External Thread, 2.035"-40.0, UNS-2A Internal Thread, 2.035"-40.0, UNS-2B
Max Major Diameter 2.0338" Min Major Diameter 2.0350"
Min Major Diameter 2.0287" Min Pitch Diameter 2.0188"
Max Pitch Diameter 2.0176" Max Pitch Diameter 2.0239"
Min Pitch Diameter 2.0137" Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread) 2.008"
Max Minor Diameter 2.0067" Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread) 2.014"
SM3 Threading: Ø3" Lens Tubes
External Thread, 3.035"-40.0, UNS-2A Internal Thread, 3.035"-40.0, UNS-2B
Max Major Diameter 3.0337" Min Major Diameter 3.0350"
Min Major Diameter 3.0286" Min Pitch Diameter 3.0188"
Max Pitch Diameter 3.0175" Max Pitch Diameter 3.0242"
Min Pitch Diameter 3.0133" Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread) 3.008"
Max Minor Diameter 3.0066" Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread) 3.014"
SM4 Threading: Ø4" Fixed Lens Mounts
External Thread, 4.035"-40.0, UNS-2A Internal Thread, 4.035"-40.0, UNS-2B
Max Major Diameter 4.0337" Min Major Diameter 4.0350"
Min Major Diameter 4.0286" Min Pitch Diameter 4.0188"
Max Pitch Diameter 4.0175" Max Pitch Diameter 4.0245"
Min Pitch Diameter 4.0131" Min Minor Diameter (and 83.3% of thread) 4.008"
Max Minor Diameter 4.0066" Max Minor Diameter (and 64.9% of thread) 4.014"

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