Programming References for the DM713 Digital Micrometer

Programming References for the DM713 Digital Micrometer

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DM713 Digital Micrometer: LabVIEW and C# Programming References


DM713 Digital Micrometer, supported by LabVIEW and C# programming references
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Figure 1: Visual C# and LabVIEW programs can be written to interrogate the DM713 Digital Micrometer. Examples are detailed in programming references available for download.

Programming references that provide introductions to communicating with the DM713 Digital Micrometer (Figure 1) are available. One reference has been developed for LabVIEW, and the other for Visual C#. Each reference includes a step-by-step discussion for writing the program, as well as a section that concisely provide the full program text without explanation.

Included in the LabVIEW Programming Reference:

  • Instructions for downloading and installing the driver software.
  • Information concerning the required cabling and connecting to the DM713's COM port.
  • Creation of a new VI that establishes serial communications with the DM713.
  • Data from the DM713 is continuously received.
  • The displacement value and its units of measurement are displayed.
  • Logging a data value in response to a button click is implemented.

Included in the Visual C# Programming Reference:

  • Information for connecting the computer to the DM713's COM port.
  • Instructions for spawning a secondary thread to continuously communicate with the DM713.
  • Procedure for operating on the received data, to extract the displacement value and units.
  • Instructions for displaying the displacement values and units in the program's GUI.
  • Logging a displacement value to a file in response to a button click.

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