DC Block Filter for RF

  • Passive DC Block Filter with 50 MHz - 26.5 GHz Passband
  • 0.8 dB Insertion Loss, 50 Ω Impedance


DC Block Filter

SMA Female

SMA Male
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Frequency Range (Click for Plot) 50 MHz - 26.5 GHz
Insertion Loss (Max) 0.8 dB
Impedance 50 Ω
VSWRa (Max) 1.25
Voltage Rating 50 VDC
Operating Temperature -55 to 85 °C
  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio


  • 50 MHz - 26.5 GHz Passband
  • 50 Ω Impedance
  • No External Power Supply Required

The EAD005 DC Blocking Filter is integrated into an SMA feedthrough connector that allows the user to filter unwanted low frequency signals. The filter has a frequency range of 50 MHz to 26.5 GHz. This filter is designed for use with RF equipment such as our high-speed optical transmitters and receivers. Thorlabs also offers DC block/mains hum, low-pass, and high-pass electrical filters with BNC connectors.

This is a passive filter; therefore, no power supply is needed to run this device. Additionally, it will not display any of the intermodulation distortions that are often observed when using active filters. Passive filters also have lower noise floors and lower thermal emission than their active counterparts, giving these filters higher signal-to-noise capabilities. This DC block filter is designed specifically to block out DC and low frequency noise, passing signals between 50 MHz and 26.5 GHz with <0.8 dB insertion loss. The EAD005 filter is coaxial and features a cylindrical design with a male and female SMA connector. This allows the filter to be directly attached to a device, such as an optical transmitter.

Frequency Response
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The graph above shows a typical frequency response for the EAD005 filter. The blue shaded region denotes the passband for which the performance is guaranteed to meet the stated specifications. Performance outside the shaded region will vary from lot to lot and is not guaranteed.

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EAD005 Support Documentation
EAD005DC Block Filter, Passband: 50 MHz to 26.5 GHz, Coaxial SMA Feedthrough