SM1.5-Compatible Fixed Mount

  • Internal SM1.5 (1.535"-40) Threading
  • Mount SM1.5-Threaded Lens Tubes or Ø1.5" Optics
  • 8-32 (M4) Tap for Post Mounting


Compatible with Ø1.5" Optics

Application Idea

SM1.5 Lens Tube Mounted to a LMR1.5 Fixed Mount

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  • Internally SM1.5-Threaded (1.535"-40) Fixed Mount
  • Compatible with SM1.5-Threaded Components such as Lens Tubes
  • Accepts Optics up to 0.36" (9.2 mm) Thick
  • Optics Held by SM1.5RR Retaining Ring (Included) and Back Lip
  • 8-32 (M4) Tapped Hole Allows for Mounting to Ø1/2" Posts

The LMR1.5(/M) Fixed Optic Mount is a convenient way to mount a Ø1.5" optic or SM1.5-threaded (1.535"-40) component on a Ø1/2" post. The maximum optic thickness allowed is 0.36" (9.2 mm). One SM1.5RR retaining ring, which can be tightened using an SPW801 Adjustable Spanner Wrench, is included to secure optics within the mount. Additional retaining rings can be purchased separately. Each of these mounts features an 8-32 (M4) tapped hole at the base, allowing them to be mounted on our Ø1/2" posts.

Item # Optic Diameter Max Optic Thicknessa Clear Aperture Optical Height Included Retaining Ring Suggested Spanner Wrench
LMR1.5 Ø1.5" 0.36" (9.2 mm) Ø1.37" (Ø34.8 mm) 1.13" (28.6 mm) SM1.5RR SPW608 or SPW801
LMR1.5/M Ø1.38" (Ø34.9 mm)
  • This specification is true for thin lenses. For lenses with small focal lengths, and hence large lens curvatures, please contact Tech Support to ensure a proper fit.

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SM1.5-Compatible Fixed Mount

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LMR1.5 Support Documentation
LMR1.5Lens Mount with Retaining Ring for Ø1.5" Optics, 8-32 Tap
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LMR1.5/M Support Documentation
LMR1.5/MLens Mount with Retaining Ring for Ø1.5" Optics, M4 Tap