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Lab Notebook

  • Hardcover 10 1/4" x 7 7/8" Lab Notebook
  • 5 mm Grid Format with 160 Numbered Pages


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Lab Notebook
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The large header and margins allow for titling pages and witnessing.


  • Hardcover
  • 5 mm Grid
  • 160 Numbered Pages, Unperforated
  • Size: 10 1/4" x 7 7/8"
  • Ribbon Bookmark

Thorlabs offers the NB1 Lab Notebook for use in laboratory environments. The 160 numbered pages of the NB1 have a 5 mm grid, side margins that can be used for witnessing, and headers for additional markings. This notebook also includes an attached ribbon bookmark for an easy way to mark a page, as well as a lined space to add a title on the front cover.

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NB1 Support Documentation
NB1Lab Notebook, Hardcover, 10 1/4" x 7 7/8", 5 mm Grid, 160 Pages
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