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Fiber Optic Sacrificial Interfaces, Single Mode

  • Provide Protection for Fiber-Coupled Instruments
  • Operating Wavelength Ranges Between 633 - 1550 nm
  • FC/PC Connectors


633 - 780 nm
≤2.0 dB Insertion Loss


980 - 1550 nm
≤1.0 dB Insertion Loss

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Item # FA901 FA602
Fiber Connector FC/PC
Key Size Universal (Female 2.2 mm Wide-Key Input, Male 2.0 mm Narrow-Key Output)
Insertion Loss (Typical)  ≤1.0 dB  ≤2.0 dB
Operating Wavelength Range 980 - 1550 nm 633 - 780 nm
Insertion Lossa,b
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Raw Data

Raw Data
Transmission (Typical) ≥79.4% ≥63.1%
Return Loss ≥40 dB
Maximum Input Power 300 mW
Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) ≤0.1 dB
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 °C
Fiberc SM980-5.8-125 SM600
  • The shaded region in these plots indicates the operating wavelength range that we specify for each sacrificial interface. Performance outside of this range is not guaranteed.
  • The insertion loss was measured by using a detector in freespace, therefore additional losses can be expected if used as the intermediary element between two fiber-coupled components.
  • This fiber was used to obtain the specifications in this table. It was also used as the internal fiber.


  • Protect External Fiber Connectors and End Faces of Fiber-Coupled Instruments
  • Item Number and Wavelength Range Engraved on Housing
  • FC/PC Input and Output Connectors

Thorlabs' Single Mode Fiber Optic Sacrificial Interfaces protect external fiber connectors and end faces of fiber-coupled instruments from damage caused by unclean connections or repeated use. Since their primary purpose is to act as an expendable intermediary component, each sacrificial interface is designed to minimize insertion loss and not add additional attenuation into the system; see the table to the right for details. Using these interfaces can help prevent unwanted instrument recalibrations and repairs due to damaged input connectors, resulting in reduced instrument downtime. Once a sacrificial interface is damaged, it should be properly disposed and replaced to ensure full protection for end faces and fiber connectors.

Each sacrificial interface has a 2.2 mm wide key female FC/PC input connector, making it compatible with both narrow key and wide key male connectors. For the output, each one has a 2.0 mm narrow key male FC/PC connector. These sacrifical interfaces are made with polarization-insensitive doped fiber; the specific fiber type used for each is listed in the table. Each interface includes two protective dust caps.

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Posted Comments:
alex.maclean  (posted 2018-06-28 09:15:24.24)
This is not so much a comment on these particular items, but a suggestion inspired by them. I have two fibre outputs, one with an FC/PC connector and one with an FC/APC connector, and I was looking for an adapter to allow me to use the same collimator with both, and I thought these looked similar to something that would work for me. In my particular case I would be looking for a shorter wavelength than you have available here, 532nm. In fact none of the range of the 'A' coating is available here. Best regards, Alex
YLohia  (posted 2018-07-03 10:34:22.0)
Hello Alex, thank you for your feedback. I will go ahead and post this idea on our internal engineering forum.

Fiber Optic Sacrificial Interfaces

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FA901 Support Documentation
FA901Fiber Optic Sacrificial Interface / Attenuator, 980 - 1550 nm, ≤1.0 dB, FC/PC
FA602 Support Documentation
FA602Fiber Optic Sacrificial Interface / Attenuator, 633 - 780 nm, ≤2.0 dB, FC/PC
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