Breadboard Mounting Accessories for 25 mm Rails

  • Construct 25 mm Rail Assemblies on Top of Breadboards
  • Options for Horizontal or Vertical Rail Mounting


Table Clamp with Slot for 1/4"-20 (M6) Cap Screws


Right Angle Bracket with Counterbored Holes for 1/4"-20 (M6) Cap Screws

Bracket Orients Rail Orthogonal
to Plane of Breadboard


Right Angle Bracket with Counterbored Slots for 1/4"-20 (M6) Cap Screws

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  • Mount 25 mm Construction Rails to Breadboards
  • Table Clamp Mounts Rails Horizontally
  • Right-Angle Brackets Orient Rails Vertically

Thorlabs provides options for customers who wish to build a 25 mm rail system on top of an optical table or breadboard. The XE25CL2 Table Clamp secures a rail parallel to the breadboard surface, while the XE25A90 and AB90H Right-Angle Brackets mount a rail in a standing position.

Thorlabs' accessories for assemblies made of 25 mm rails include corner cubes and brackets, T-Nuts, low-profile channel screws, breadboard mounting accessories, rail joiners, and a channel insert. In addition, we offer optical enclosures, enclosure accessories, laser safety fabric panels, and do-it-yourself tools like taps, tap guides, and drill guides for home-built XE25-based constructions.

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Table Clamp for 25 mm Rails

  • Mount 25 mm Rails Horizontally on an Optical Table or Breadboard
  • 1" (25.4 mm) Long Clearance Slot for 1/4"-20 or M6 Screws
  • Insert Anywhere Along Rail

The XE25CL2 Table Clamp mounts a 25 mm rail horizontally to a 1/4"-20 or M6 tapped surface by using a rail channel. It holds the rail in place using a side-located rail channel, while leaving the top rail channel free to accept enclosure panels or T-Nuts. The clamp features a 1" (25.4 mm) long clearance slot compatible with 1/4"-20 and M6 screws, providing mounting for imperial and metric tables.

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XE25CL2 Support Documentation
XE25CL2Table Clamp for 25 mm Rails
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Right-Angle Brackets for 25 mm Rails

XE25A90 Reinforced Corner
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Reinforced Corner
XE25A90 as Breadboard Mount
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Enclosure Bolted to Optical Table
  • Brace 25 mm Rail Corners or Mount Rails Vertically
  • One-Piece Aluminum Construction for Excellent Rigidity
  • For Use with 1/4"-20 (M6) Cap Screws

The AB90H and XE25A90 Right-Angle Brackets can be used to fasten 25 mm rails to each other using a T-Nut (sold separately) or to an optical table. Both intended for use with 1/4"-20 (M6) cap screws and washers, the AB90H has a total of two 1/4" wide slots of lengths of 1" (25.4 mm) and 0.5" (12.7 mm), allowing for additional flexibility in positioning the rails on a breadboard, while the XE25A90 has two counterbored holes.

These brackets are ideal for fastening our optical enclosures to an optical table or breadboard.

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AB90H Support Documentation
AB90HCustomer Inspired! Slim Right-Angle Bracket with Counterbored Slots
XE25A90 Support Documentation
XE25A90Right-Angle Bracket for 25 mm Rails