Universal Active Butterfly Laser Diode Mount

  • Integrated TEC and Controller for Active Case Temperature Control
  • Fan-Less Cooling System Provides Exceptionally Low Electrical Noise Platform
  • Supports Thorlabs' Ultra-Low-Noise (ULN) Laser and Most Standard 14-Pin Butterfly Laser Diodes


Universal Active 14-Pin Butterfly Laser Diode Mount

Application Idea

The LM14TS Mount Shown with the ULN15PC Ultra-Low-Noise (ULN) Laser

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Feature Comparison of Butterfly Laser Mounts
Item # LM14TSa LM14S2b CLD1015c
Supports Type 1 (Anode GND)
Supports Type 2 (Anode GND)
Supports Bias-T Connection - -
Supports Thorlabs ULN Laser - -
Integrated Laser-Case-Temperature Stabilization - -
DB9 Input for Thorlabs' Laser Driver -c
DB9 Input for Thorlabs' Laser-Chip TEC Controller -c
Dedicated ULN FBG TEC Controller Input - -
  • The LM14TS is an active, low-noise butterfly mount with integrated laser case TEC.
  • The LM14S2 is a butterfly laser diode mount that also supports two-port devices and Bias-T connections.
  • The CLD1015 is a compact laser diode driver with a TEC and mount for butterfly packages.


  • Universal Active Laser Diode Mount for 14-Pin Butterfly Packages
  • Integrated TEC and Controller for Laser Case Temperature Control
  • Type 1, Type 2, and Thorlabs' ULN (Ultra-Low-Noise) Hybrid Pinout Configurations Supported with Exchangeable Configuration Cards
  • Includes Removable Laser Cover and Fiber Management Reels

The LM14TS Universal Active 14-Pin Butterfly Laser Diode Mount is designed for use with lasers, optical amplifiers, and other electro-optic devices in a 14-pin type 1, 2, or ULN (ultra-low-noise) extended butterfly package. This active mount is equipped with an integrated thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and TEC control electronics to stabilize the laser case temperature. The integrated case temperature stabilization featured in the LM14TS mount addresses demanding applications, where high stability of the laser package temperature is required to achieve a stable laser output frequency (e.g. in ultra-low-noise and single-frequency lasers) or power (in most diode lasers). The integrated TEC is powered using an included DS12 power supply and has three preset temperature settings at 15 °C, 20 °C, and 25 °C, which can be adjusted via a selection knob on top of the mount. A fan-less cooling system offers an exceptionally low electrical noise platform allowing for the operation of Thorlabs' ULN extended butterfly package.

The LM14TS mount supports maximum laser, chip TEC, and FBG TEC currents of 3 A each. In order to utilize an external TEC controller, the laser must have an integrated TEC and thermistor sensors. This mount also features a zero insertion force (ZIF) socket, a remote safety interlock connection, and LEDs to indicate the power, temperature status, and whether the laser diode is enabled.

This butterfly mount eliminates the restriction of fixed-pin configuration mounts by using exchangeable configuration cards that plug into a slot on the side of the mount. Included with the LM14TS mount are cards that provide compatibility with type 1 pump laser diodes, type 2 telecom laser diodes, and Thorlabs' ULN extended butterfly package. For the pin diagrams that correspond to these types, please refer to the Pin Diagrams tab. For pin layouts not covered by these configuration cards, please contact Tech Support.

The LM14TS is pin-for-pin compatible with all of Thorlabs' benchtop laser diode and TEC controllers, as well as most of our PRO8 platform controllers and dual current and temperature controllers, eliminating the need for custom-made interface cables.

The LM14TS mount also includes a laser diode TEC lockout feature that, when used with the appropriate LD and TEC controllers, disables the laser when an external TEC is not enabled.

Laser Specifications
Lasers Supported 14 Pin Type 1 and 2, ULN Butterfly
Maximum Optical Power 1 W
Maximum Laser Current 3 A
Laser Polarity Anode Ground
TEC Specifications
Maximum Heat
Dissipation Capacitya
at 15 °C Setpoint 5 W
at 20 °C Setpoint 7.5 W
at 25 °C Setpoint 10 W
Maximum Chip TEC Current 3 A
Maximum FBG TEC Current 3 A
General Specifications
Dimensionsb (L x W x H) 155.0 mm x 122.0 mm x 61.1 mm
(6.10" x 4.80" x 2.40")
Input Power ≤48 W
Input Voltage 12 VDC
Weight 1.3 kg
Operating Room Temperature 15 °C to 30 °C
Storage Temperature -10 °C to 40 °C
  • Maximum heat dissipation capacity is the total heat generated within the laser butterfly package to maintain case temperature stabilization set by the active mount.
  • Not Including Mounting Bracket and Fiber Storage Reels

Top Panel

LM14TS Top Panel
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LM14TS Mount Top Panel

Back Panel

LM14TS Back
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LM14TS Mount Back Panel
Callout Description
1 Laser Chip TEC Controller Input
2 FBG TEC Controller Input (ULN Use Only)
3 Laser Diode Driver Input
4 12 V DC Input

Side Panel

LM14TS Side
Click to Enlarge

LM14TS Mount Side Panel
Callout Description
1 Power, Laser, and Temperature Stable Indicators
2 Butterfly Block Clamp
3 Temperature Controlled Platform
4 Case Temperature Selection Knob
5 Laser Chip TEC Interlock Bypass
6 ZIF Sockets
7 Configuration Card Storage Slot (2 Places)
Callout Description
1 Configuration Card Slot

Laser Diode Connector

D-Type Female

DB9 Female

Pin # Signal
1 Interlock and Status Pin (LDC Specific)
2 Photodiode Cathode
3 Laser Diode Anode
4 Photodiode Anode
5 Interlock and Status Return
6 Laser Diode Voltage (-)
7 Laser Diode Cathode
8 Not Used
9 Laser Diode Voltage (+)

TEC Connector

D-Type Male

DB9 Male

Pin # Signal
1 TEC Lockout (+)
2 +Thermistor
3 -Thermistor
4 TEC (+)
5 TEC (-) and TEC Lockout (-)
6 Not Used
7 Not Used
8 Not Used
9 Not Used

Pin Assignment of the 14-Pin Sockets

The LM14TS active butterfly mount includes configuration cards for 14-pin Type 1, Type 2, and extended ULN butterfly packages.

Pin to Connector Configuration for Type 1 Pin to Connector Configuration for Type 2 Pin to Connector Configuration for
ULN Extended Butterfly Package

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1 TEC Anode 1 Thermistor Ground 1 FBG TEC Cathode
2 Thermistor 2 Thermistor 2 FBG TEC Anode
3 PD Anodea 3 LD Cathode 3 Case Thermistor
4 PD Cathodea 4 PD Anode 4 Case Thermistor
5 Thermistor Ground 5 PD Cathode 5 PD Cathode
6 NC 6 TEC Anode 6 Chip TEC Cathode
7 PD Cathodea 7 TEC Cathode 7 Chip TEC Anode
8 PD Anodea 8 Case 8 PD Anode
9 LD Cathodeb 9 Case 9 LD Anode
10 LD Anode, Ground 10 NC 10 LD Cathode
11 LD Cathodeb 11 LD Anode 11 Chip Thermistor
12 NC 12 NC 12 Chip Thermistor
13 LD Anode, Ground 13 LD Anode 13 FBG Thermistor
14 TEC Cathode 14 NC 14 FBG Thermistor

LD = Laser Diode
FBG = Fiber Bragg Grating

TEC = Thermoelectric Cooler
PD = Photodiode
NC = No Connection

  • The monitor photodiode may be placed across either pins 7 and 8 or pins 3 and 4. Please refer to the laser diode's documents for the specific pin configuration.
  • The laser diode cathode may be placed at either pin 9 or pin 11. Please refer to the laser diode's documents for the specific pin configuration.
MCM301 Controller and Cables
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LM14TS Contents

Each LM14TS includes the following:

  • Universal Active Butterfly Mount
  • Attachable Mounting Bracket with 2 Fiber Storage Reels
  • Translucent Cover for Laser Diodes
  • Configuration Cards for Type 1, Type 2, and ULN Butterfly Diodes
  • 2 M6 x 0.5 (5 mm Hex) Cap Screws and 2 1/4"-20 (3/16" Hex) Cap Screws for Clamping the Mount to an Optical Table
  • A DS12 Power Supply and Region Specific Power Cord

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Universal Active Butterfly Laser Diode Mount

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