Safe High Voltage (SHV) Cable

  • SHV Male to SHV Male Cable
  • Compatible with Thorlabs' High-Voltage Piezo Amplifier
  • 60" (1524 mm) Length

Enlarged View of an SHV Male Connector


SHV Male to SHV Male Cable

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The CA3262 SHV Male to SHV Male Cable is a high-voltage, RG58 coaxial cable directly compatible with our BPA100 High-Voltage Piezo Amplifier or PCD1K Pockels Cell Driver. For added safety in high voltage applications, SHV connectors include additional insulation and a recessed conducting pin to prevent accidental contact when unmated. SHV connectors also have a reversed gender interface in comparison to BNC cables, which prevents mating with low voltage connectors. The links in the table below will take you to web pages containing our other varieties of electrical cables. 

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CA3262 Support Documentation
CA3262SHV Coaxial Cable, SHV Male to SHV Male, 60" (1524 mm)