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2x2 SM Fiber Couplers/Taps

Thorlabs’ 2x2 SM fused fiber optic couplers, also known as taps, allow a single fiber input to be split into 2 outputs or vice versa. These couplers are offered in narrowband, wideband, and dual window varieties, including wideband couplers at 850 nm, 930 nm, 1064 nm, or 1300 nm for OCT applications. Two package options are available: standard tubes with fiber leads or durable aluminum housings with fiber bulkheads for the input and output. The graph below provides a summary of all of our 2x2 single mode couplers that are available. Wideband couplers can be accessed through any of the links below that overlap with their usable bandwidths.

Single Mode Coupler Selection Guide