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Right-Angle Prism Mirrors

Thorlabs offers hypotenuse-coated right-angle prism mirrors, which are also known as turning mirrors. Each mirror's hypotenuse is coated with either a broadband dielectric, metallic, or laser line coating. A variety of sizes are available, as well as prisms that come pre-mounted in a 16 mm cage, Ø1/2" lens tube, or 30 mm cage Ø1" lens tube compatible housing. We also offer leg-coated right-angle prism mirrors with dielectric coatings for use in optical delay lines. Our knife-edge right-angle prism mirrors have metallic coatings and clear apertures that extend across the 90° angle between the coated surfaces. Finally, Thorlabs offers retroreflecting hollow roof prism mirrors with metallic coatings that redirect an incoming beam 180° back towards the source.