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Cerna® Modular Microscopy Platform

The Cerna® Series is a modular microscopy platform for applications ranging from routine experiments to advanced optical system development.

DIY Cerna Components: Our modular components enable users to modify and enhance existing microscopes or build custom imaging rigs from the ground up. Designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind, these products are ideal for customizing any rig to exact experimental requirements.

Cerna Preconfigured Microscopes: We offer customizable kits that support a wide variety of experimental needs to provide a straightforward starting point for assembling a modular microscope. These microscopes ship ready to accept objectives, illumination sources, cameras, and sample holders. We also offer the Cerna Mini Simple Fluorescence Microscope, a simplified version ideal for sample preparation and inspection applications.

Cerna-Based Systems: We also offer several complete microscopy systems based on the Cerna platform. These include a hyperspectral imaging system, birefringence imaging microscopes, and confocal imaging systems.