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3-Axis Stages

Thorlabs offers a variety of 3-axis stages, including flexure and crossed-roller-bearing designs. Our Flexure Stages are ideal for high-precision fiber alignment and coupling. Two flexure stage options are available. The first is our modular NanoMax Flexure Stage, which allows different types of actuators to be used, including differential micrometers, stepper motors, or inline piezo extenders. NanoMax Flexure Stages can also be purchased with differential micrometer or stepper motor drives already installed. The second type of flexure stage is the compact MicroBlock stage, which is available with differential micrometer or thumbscrew drives. Fiber launch kits that use the NanoMax or MicroBlock stages are also available, as are accessories that are compatible with the 3 mm keyway on top of all of our multi-axis stages.

Crossed-roller-bearing stage options include our RollerBlock stages, which are compatible with the same keyway accessories that can be used with our NanoMax stages, and a compact 3-axis stage with a vertically oriented platform. We also offer a 2-axis linear stage with rotation and a tip/tilt/rotation stage with standard ball bearings.

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