Lens Specifications
Design Wavelength1550 nmMagnificationInfinite
Numerical Aperture0.16Window Thickness
Clear Aperture1.60 mmLaser Window Material / Index
Effective Focal Length5 mmGlassD-ZK3
Working Distance4.37 mmSurface Quality40-20 Scratch-Dig(Entire Bulk Material)

354430-BAuto CAD PDFAuto CAD DXFSolidworkseDrawingStepZemax (ZAR)Zemax (ZMX)
C430TME-BAuto CAD PDFAuto CAD DXFSolidworkseDrawingStepZemax (ZAR)Zemax (ZMX)

Vd number60.71
CTE (10-6 / °C)7.6
Thermo optic coefficient (10-6 / °C) (Δn/ΔT)3.2

Side 1
Side 2
Side 1 and Side 2 are labeled as ASP1 and ASP2, respectively, on the drawings shown on the Specifications tab.
zSAG as a Function of YA44th Order Aspheric Coefficient
RRadius of CurvatureA66th Order Aspheric Coefficient
kConic ConstantA88th Order Aspheric Coefficient
A22nd Order Aspheric CoefficientAnnth Order Aspheric Coefficient