Downloading Current Elliptec Software From The Internet


  1. From the ‘Downloads’ section of the website, select the required software version, 32 bit, or 64 bit.


  1. Click the ‘Download button.


  1. Select the save option to download the software to the Downloads folder on your PC.


  1. After the download process is complete, browse to the downloaded application setup file.

Installing The Elliptec Software


Load Software-2 Caution. Some PCs may have been configured to restrict the user’s ability to install software, and on these systems the software may not install correctly. If you are in any doubt about your rights to load software, please consult your system administrator before attempting to install.




  1. Double click the ‘setup.exe’ file downloaded above.


  1. The standard `Preparing To Install' window is displayed for a few moments while the installation prepares itself. Then the Welcome to Install Shield Wizard' window is displayed.


  1. Click `Next'.


  1. A `License Agreement' is then displayed. Read the agreement, then accept it and click `Next'.


  1. The `User Information' window is then displayed.


  1. Enter your User Name and Organization into the required fields.


  1. Click `Next'.


  1. The `Setup Type' screen is displayed.


  1. To install all features, select `Complete'. Custom installations options are available, however it is recommended that a custom installation only be performed following advice from Thorlabs Technical Support.


  1. Click `Next'.


  1. When the `Ready to Install' window is displayed, click `Install'.


  1. While the installation is in progressing, the `Installing Software...' progress screen will be displayed.


  1. When the installation process is complete, the `Installation Complete' window is displayed.



  1. Click `Finish' to complete the installation process.


You have now installed the Elliptec Software!


Important Notes


o    Once the Elliptec software is installed, it may be necessary to upgrade the firmware on your device.

o    For details of the specific updates to the firmware and Elliptec software, please see the Change Log file.



In the unlikely event that the software installation fails, the Setup.exe file can generate a debug log. This log should be returned to the tech support department when requesting assistance.

To generate a debug log file, proceed as follows:



  1. Copy the Setup.exe file to a known location on your PC. When the debug file is generated it will be stored in the same location as the setup.exe file.
  2. Access the ‘Command Prompt’ (start/Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt).
  3. At the Command Prompt, type the following text…’<your file location>\setup.exe /V”/L*v install.log’…., where ‘<your file location>’ is the location on your PC where you stored the Setup.exe file
    For example ‘c:\temp\setup.exe /V”/L*v install.log’
  4. Press the Enter Key
    The Setup.exe file will run and try to install the software as normal. A ‘debuglog’ file will be generated and saved in the same location as the Setup.exe file. If the installation fails, the debug log should be emailed to to help diagnose installation issues.