ELLIPTEC V1.5.0 Release Notes (29/11/2018)


Added support for following stages:

Optics Rotator Ell14,

Linear Stage Ell17,

Rotary Stage Ell18,

LinearStage Ell20,



ELLIPTEC V1.4.3 Release Notes (6/12/2017)


Fixed missing source file from installation causing example project to fail to build

Minor API documentation updates

Fixed issue in source code causing example not to build in pre VS2017.




ELLIPTEC V1.4.2 Release Notes (16/10/2017)


Helpfile updated.





ELLIPTEC V1.4.1 Release Notes (15/09/2017)


Fixed crash when adding items to sequence

Minor cosmetic changes to UI

Added option to Fix Frequencies




ELLIPTEC V1.4.0 Release Notes (10/07/2017)


Added support for ELL3 (Polarizer), ELL4 (Rotator) , ELL9 (Multi Position Slider) and ELL10 (60mm Linear Stage)




ELLIPTEC V1.3.0 Release Notes (19/06/2017)


Bug fixes relating to continuous jogging.




ELLIPTEC V1.2.0 Release Notes (14/11/2016)


Core code split off into a separate DLL.



ELLIPTEC V1.1.2 Release Notes (10/08/2016)


Added option to set search range when looking for stages

Fixed issues relating to numeric entry and illegal input values



ELLIPTEC V1.1.1 Release Notes (10/08/2016)


Fixed issue with "," not being accepted as decimal separator for cultures that require it



ELLIPTEC V1.0.0 Release Notes (01/06/2016)


Initial release