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OEM OCT Imaging Systems

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2D and 3D Imaging Solutions for Structural Analysis

Thorlabs offers engineering solutions for integrating customized Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging modules into complex host systems. At our facilities in Lübeck, Germany and Newton, NJ, we manufacture these systems and their components. We look forward to working with you to design a custom system that meets your needs.

This page is designed to provide insight into the tried and true processes that make Thorlabs the ideal choice for OEM systems. We evaluate every OEM opportunity using a finely tuned process developed by our experienced engineering team. This process is detailed on the Engineering Process tab. The Technology and Implemented Projects tabs detail the advantages and limitations of OCT technology and highlight various fields in which Thorlabs has successfully designed and manufactured OCT system solutions. More information about our engineering team and the company as a whole can be found on the Thorlabs' Expertise tab.

Project Considerations

To successfully integrate advanced imaging technology into a complex host system, there are many factors to consider beyond component development:

  • Selection of the best-suited parameters for the imaging technology within the context of the host system and its application
  • A dedicated engineering team that is in close contact with the host system development team
  • Customization of certain components for seamless host system integration
  • A reliable manufacturing process that provides timely delivery of high-quality components

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Healthy Human Lens
Healthy Human Lens Imaged with a 1070 nm OCT System
Contact Lens
Contact Lens Measurement in Water Imaged with
a High-Sensitivity OCT System
Anterior Chamber
Anterior Chamber Imaged with a 1070 nm OCT System
Laminated Foil
Laminated Foil Measurement Imaged at 2 µm Axial Resolution

Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a high-resolution, cross-sectional imaging technology that analyzes echoes of backscattered light from layers of microstructures close to the surface of the sample (i.e., up to several millimeters deep). This low coherence, interferometric technology generally employs near infrared light and offers a spatial resolution of 1 - 15 µm, which is one to two orders of magnitude higher than conventional ultrasound. It can generate real-time, volumetric data at video frame rates.

OCT is commonly used for in vivo analysis of biological tissues but is expanding into other domains such as non-destructive material inspection. Currently, OCT is an established technique often used in medical imaging systems, offering a level of precision and reliability that was not possible before.

Thorlabs' OCT group in Lübeck, Germany specializes in the development of Spectral Domain OCT engines, while our group in Newton, NJ has expertise in the development of Swept Source OCT components and systems, including a new MEMS-Tunable VCSEL Swept Source Laser Source offering single mode, mode-hop-free operation over a tuning range in excess of 100 nm.

OCT Basics

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Implemented OCT Imaging Projects


  • Cell Imaging
  • Brain Activation
  • Tissue Characterization
  • Live Blood Flow Imaging
  • Ophthalmology


  • Biofilm Inspection
  • Multilayer Thickness Analysis
  • Analysis of Paintings
  • Small Particle Detection
  • Manufacturing Process Control

We have implemented OCT imaging solutions for a wide range of applications in various fields with different levels of customization. The solution for your application will be based on our solid experience from designing and manufacturing hundreds of active systems in the field.

Implemented OCT Projects

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Our Engineering Process

Thorlabs is committed to working with you at each stage of the development process to ensure the final design meets your unique requirements.

Engineering Process
Modular OCT System
Modular OCT Imaging System Consisting of a Light Source, Spectrometer, Digital and Analog Electronics, and Scanner Drive
Customized Probe for Liquids
Customized Probe, or Sample Head, Module to Allow
Submerged Imaging of Liquids
Customized Probe for Bottles
Customized OCT Probe, or Sample Head, Designed to Allow
Imaging of Liquid within a Bottle

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Our Expertise in the Photonics Industry

Thorlabs is a leading photonics company that develops and manufactures a broad portfolio of technologies ranging from optical components to advanced imaging systems.

  • Interdisciplinary Teams Comprised of Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians
  • Extensive High-Tech Fabrication Facilities:
    • Optomechanics
    • Optoelectronics
    • Optical Coatings
    • Semiconductor Wafers
    • Optical Fibers
  • Close Contact with Photonics Research Labs Around the World

The Thorlabs OCT Groups, located in Newton, NJ and Lübeck, Germany, consist of scientists and engineers with over 10 years of experience in OCT technology and its applications. They provide a unique skillset to develop the optimal imaging components for your system.

Experienced Team

  • Contributions to OCT Imaging Technology for Over 10 Years
  • Extensive Portfolio of OCT Components Developed and Manufactured by Thorlabs
  • Several Hundred Systems Successfully Designed, Manufactured, and Deployed into the Field
  • Over 20 Peer-Reviewed Publications Involving Successful Research Conducted with Thorlabs' OCT Systems and Components


  • Extensive Knowledge of Photonics Technology
  • Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Facilities
  • Over a Decade of Experience Developing OCT Technologies
  • Library of Existing OCT Systems, Components, and Subassemblies
  • Engineering, Customization, and Manufacturing Expertise