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Polaris® Mirror Mounts

Polaris® Mirror Mounts are the ultimate solution for applications requiring stringent long-term alignment stability. Our side-optic retention Polaris mounts are available in sizes for optics as small as Ø1/2" up to as large as Ø3". We also offer SM-threaded mounts with stainless steel retaining rings for Ø1/2" to Ø2", low-distortion mounts for optics from Ø1/2" to Ø6", which reduce optical distortion while improving beam pointing stability, as well as a piezo-actuated mirror mounts. Clear-edge mounts with an adhesive mounting design are available for applications that require permanently fixed optics with minimal surface distortion. Finally, fixed Polaris mounts are offered in a monolithic design for integration into laser systems as well as compact flexure arm and glue-in designs.