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Motorized Kinematic Mount

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Motorized Kinematic Mount


  • Ultra Stable Ø1" Mirror Mounts
  • Two Motorized Actuators, One Manual Actuator
  • ±4° Pitch and Yaw Adjustment

Thorlabs offers the popular Ultra-Stable KS1 Ø1" mirror mount in a motorized version. The KS1-Z8 mount comes with two of our Z812 DC Servo Motors and includes a 1/4"-80 threaded adjuster, which allows for greater pitch and yaw adjustment over standard two adjuster mounts. The mount is fabricated from black anodized aluminum.

The two Z812 DC Actuators are equipped with commercial grade internal limit switches to provide over drive protection. The motors also have an encoder to provide 6 arcsec angular resolution. Our TDC001 single channel T-Cube DC servo motor controller is ideally suited for use with this Z812 motorized mount. Appropriate power supplies for the TDC001 are below. Note that if you will be using a Z8 series DC Servo Motor with a previously purchased TDC001, you may need to update your firmware to version 1.0.10 or later. This update is included in the APTServer Software download.

Please refer to the Actuator Specs tab for more information on these motorized actuators.

Z812 Actuators

Item #Z812
Travel0.47" (12 mm)
Max Load Vertical10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Max Load Horizontal20 lbs (9 kg)
Motor TypeDC Servo
Motor Drive Voltage12 V
Max. Recommended Current80 mA
Lead Screw Pitch1 mm
Calculated Resolution29 nm
Repeatability<8 µm
Backlash (with preload)<8 µm
FeedbackHall Effect Encoder
Encoder Counts per Revolution of the Lead Screw34,304
Planetary Gearhead Ratio67:1
Limit SwitchesElectromechanical
Speed Range0.050 to 3.0 mm/s
Operating Temperature-22 to 185 °F (-30 to 85 °C)
Compatible ControllersTDC001

Calculating the Linear Displacement per Encoder Count

For the Z812, there are 512 encoder counts per revolution of the motor. The output shaft of the motor goes into a 67:1 planetary gear head. This requires the motor to rotate 67 times to rotate the 1.0 mm pitch lead screw one revolution. The end result is the lead screw advances by 1.0 mm.

The linear displacement of the actuator per encoder count is given by

512 x 67 = 34,304 encoder counts per revolution of the lead screw,

whereas the linear displacement of the lead screw per encoder count is given by

1.0 mm / 34,304 counts = 2.9 x 10-5 mm (29 nm).

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Posted Comments:
Poster: cbrideau
Posted Date: 2013-09-17 19:03:38.147
I REALLY need this in a KCB1 for use in a cage setup. Is it possible to fit a KCB1 with a pair of Z8's as a new product proposal or a custom job? It would save me a lot of trouble if it could be done. Also, are Z812's necessary? Will a Z86 do the job?
Poster: jlow
Posted Date: 2013-09-19 16:14:00.0
Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: We do not currently have a motorized KCB1 but we will look at possibly modifying our current KCB1 for use with the Z806. The Z812 is necessary in the KS1 mount because it would not provide the necessary travel for the adjustment range when the corner adjustment screw is screwed in by a significant amount. I will contact you directly regarding possibly customizing the KCB1 with motors.
Poster: Thorlabs
Posted Date: 2010-12-06 10:17:10.0
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to k1w05: the ZST13 actuator is compatible with the KS2 kinematic mirror mount. Also, the ZST actuators include forward and reverse mechanical limit switches in order to prevent overshooting in the travel.
Poster: k1w05
Posted Date: 2010-12-05 07:37:38.0
I want to used KS2 with ZST13, is they work. Can you install an Electro-Mechanical Limit Switching to Prevent Motor Damage? Thank you!
Poster: Tyler
Posted Date: 2009-03-12 10:43:01.0
A response from Tyler at Thorlabs to John: Our APT DC Servo Motor Driver Controllers come with a software package that includes a graphical computer interface that can be used to control and monitor the servo motor. This interface only provides the linear position of the actuator. However, the software package includes all of the necessary drivers to easily build your own interface using a program like LabVIEW. Your program could include a calibration routine that converted the linear actuator position into an angular position that could be displayed real-time on the computer screen. I will have a member of our technical support department contact you with more information about this possibility.
Posted Date: 2009-03-05 13:39:05.0
Is there angular readout on this DC Servo Motorized Mirror Mounts? I am looking for the automated gimble mirror mount with readout that can display the anguler moving. John Wang
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DC Servo Motorized Mirror Mount
  • Motorized ±4° Tip/Tilt Adjustment
  • Angular Resolution: 6 arcsec
  • 34,304 counts/revolutions Rotary Encoder
  • Commercial-Grade Limit Switches Prevent Motor Damage

The KS1-Z8 features an Ultra-Stable KS1 Ø1" mirror mount and combines it with two Z812 Series DC Motor Actuators. Higher precision adjustments can be made with the motorized actuators than otherwise possible with manual adjusters. The mount also features one 1/4"-80 adjuster, which allows for greater pitch and yaw adjustment over standard two adjuster kinematic mounts, while also providing Z-translation.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal/Imperial Price Available / Ships
KS1-Z8 Support Documentation
KS1-Z8 DC Motorized Ultra-Stable Kinematic Ø1" Mirror Mount
T-Cube Motor Controllers
  • DC Servo Controller
  • Control via Overlay or Computer
  • Compact Footprint

The TDC001 DC Servo Motor Controller is the recommended controller for the KS1-Z8. The controller is single channel and provides a control panel on top, which offers Move/Jog buttons to move the actuator's leadscrew in discrete steps and a Velocity Potentiometer to move the leadscrew at various velocities. This T-Cube controller can also be connected and controlled with a computer via USB 2.0. Note that the controller does not include a power supply, but our compatible supplies are below.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal/Imperial Price Available / Ships
TDC001 Support Documentation
TDC001 T-Cube DC Servo Motor Controller (Power Supply Not Included)
Compatible Power Supplies
photo of power supply adapters
Click to Enlarge

A location specific power adapter is shipped with the TPS001 based on your location.

The preferred power supply (i.e., single channel, multi-channel, or hub-based) for your TDC001 DC Motor Controller depends on your application and whether you already own compatible power supplies. Thus, Thorlabs does not prebundle a power supply with your purchase of the TDC001.

The TDC001 T-Cube Controller can be powered using either a TPS001 or a TPS008 power supply or the TCH002 T-Cube Hub and Power Supply. The TPS001 powers a single T-Cube, while the TPS008 can power up to 8 T-Cubes. Both units plug into a standard wall outlet and provide +15 VDC. The TCH002 Hub and Power Supply consists of two parts: the hub, which can support up to six standard-footprint T-cubes, and a power supply that plugs into a standard wall outlet and powers the hub, which in turn powers all the T-cubes connected to the hub.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal/Imperial Price Available / Ships
TPS001 Support Documentation
TPS001 15 V Power Supply Unit for a Single T-Cube
TPS008 Support Documentation
TPS008 15 V Power Supply Unit for up to 8 T-Cubes
TCH002 Support Documentation
TCH002 T-Cube Controller Hub and Power Supply Unit
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