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Thorlabs Career Center

Thorlabs is a New Jersey based manufacturer of photonic tools and systems. Our products range from optics and opto-mechanical positioning components to sophisticated optical imaging systems. An international company with over 650 employees, Thorlabs has manufacturing and sales offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Japan, and China.

Founder, Alex Cable, worked at Bell Labs early in his career as a technician/engineer. In 1989, Alex left Bell Labs and formally founded Thorlabs. Over the ensuing 22 years the company continued to grow its product offering and its customer base. The Thorlabs catalog offers over 15,000 products to our broad based photonics customer base, 95% of those products are manufactured in one of the Thorlabs entities. 70% of the Thorlabs products are manufactured in the United States.

Thorlabs serves the needs of researchers and engineers worldwide; including the investigators of novel optical problems, designers and of users of optical apparatus of all kinds, and educators and businesses who harness the power of photonics. Customers include the National Labs, universities, medical research facilities, commercial laser companies, the military, defense companies, and both large and small photonics manufacturers worldwide.

Thorlabs has averaged double digit growth over our companies entire history. As photonic devices push into new markets, Thorlabs’ plan is to enter early with support equipment and services that are required to ensure the ultimate success of our customers.
China Careers
Technical Writer - Student Intern
Thorlabs China provides real-time sales and technical support for customers in China and Asia, and has local R&D and specialized manufacturing capabilities. To better serve our customers in the Asian market, we are seeking part time technical writer interns to be part of our China team. This position is open for both on-site and off-site interns and could possibly be extended to full time positions within our marketing and R&D operations. The key responsibilities will be translating and creating marketing materials including the online catalog, application notes, tutorials, manuals, etc. He or she will interact with our worldwide marketing and R&D team and researchers in the Chinese photonics community. The interns will also help Thorlabs build close relationships with his/her university, institution or research group, and function as a local sales, marketing and/or technical support representative. Other technical tasks may include hardware/software testing, identifying new products, and identifying new markets.

Knowledge & Skills:
  • Technical knowledge in the field of photonics
  • Organized, self-motivated, and capable of working independently and under time constraints
  • Eager to learn new technologies
  • A Ph.D. student in Physics, Engineering, or related areas
  • Strong writing and communication skills in both English and Chinese
  • Hands-on experience in laboratory set-up and testing is a plus
Location - Shanghai, China
Please Contact: China-HR
Optics Engineer
Thorlabs, a leader of the optical lab products suppliers in the world, is recruiting an optical R&D engineer for development of polarization related devices in China. In this position, the engineer will work on the design and development of optical systems such as modulators, retarders, and other devices. Suitable candidates should be familiar with polarization optical devices, electro-optic crystals, and have experience with design and development of high-quality optical products

Knowledge & Skills:
    • A degree in optical engineering or related fields. A Ph.D degree will be appreciated.
    • Experience developing high-quality optical products and leading the development to production
    • Experience designing graphic user interface (GUI) applications.
    • Strong knowledge in optics, especially in polarization optics.
    • Strong experience in optical lab and optical setup.
    • Strong experience in optical devices, just like lasers, detectors, etc.
    • Experience in optical simulation tools, just like matlab, Zemax, etc.
      • 3 years or more experience in optics
      • Design of high-quality polarization optical devices
      • Prototype development, evaluation, characterization and testing
      • Knowledge of wide variety of photonical devices
      • Experience working within multi-disciplinary engineering teams
      • Appreciation of photonics market sector and associated optical products
Location - Shanghai, China
Please Contact: china hr
Photonics Lab Specialist
The person that fills this newly created position will be responsible for designing and improving laboratory training programs in Thorlabs’ Training Center located in Shanghai. He/she will work with application engineers to design experiments dedicated to conduct photonics lab knowledge to our customers as a value-added service. He/she will also help develop the oral presentation skills of the application engineers group. The successful candidate will need to demonstrate a broad understanding of photonics, practical lab experience in designing and building a wide variety of experimental setups, and the ability to create laboratory scenarios that will challenge our customers and application engineers to learn new skills.

Knowledge & Skills:
  • Design and Provide Laboratory Training to Thorlabs Customers

    - Work with application engineers to design lab experiences that provide customers with practical knowledge of products and applications. The experiences will need to cover basics like coupling light into a single mode fiber to more application oriented experiences like designing and building a Raman spectroscopy setup.

    - Deliver lectures on basic and advanced topics including both laboratory and theoretical knowledge

    - Teach how to keep a lab notebook and how to present the results

    - Provide support to more experienced engineers as they design their own experiments

  • Support the integration of our products into customer applications
  • Involve in Product Development and Testing
  • - Work with application engineers to determine testing procedure

    - Actively participate in product design discussions

  • Involve in the design, construction, and support of tradeshow demonstration
  • Ph.D. in Physics or Engineering
  • 10 Years Laboratory Experience in Research or Product Development
  • Teaching Experience and excellent communication skills
  • Broad Base of Photonics Knowledge with Expertise in Multiple Applications and Measurement Techniques (e.g., Spectroscopy, Laser Characterization, Fiber Optics, Polarization Optics, and Adaptive Optics)
  • Fluent in Mandarin and English
Location - Shanghai, China
Please Contact: China-HR
Mechanical Design Engineer
Duties include (but are not limited to): - Work as a mechanical design engineer with an extraordinary sensitivity to product aesthetics. - Making sketches, 2-D and 3-D models for products that are under development. - Collaborating with engineering, manufacturing, and procurement teams to create ease-of-use and consistent design attributes - Translating concepts and prototypes into formal design requirements, specifications and drawings - Participate in continuous improvement activities by identifying and appropriately escalating process and product quality gaps, providing solutions when possible

Knowledge & Skills:
  • Expert in the use of SolidWorks.
  • Proficient with 3DMAX, Coreldraw or equivalent is a plus, capabilities of making 2-D & 3-D drawings that strongly demonstrate the technical competency and sensitivity to aesthetics
  • Strong communications (written and verbal) in English.
  • Strong level of self-motivation and ability to work independently.
  • Strong knowledge in the various rapid prototype techniques and tools necessary to produce full-size or scale models of design solutions.
  • Knowledge in metal finishing is a plus (anodizing, tumbling, powder coating).
  • Bachelor/Master of mechanics engineering with concentration in Industrial/Art design or equivalent.
  • 3 years+ experience working as a mechanical or industrial designer. ling, powder coating).
  • Portfolio demonstrating successful examples is a must.
Location - Shanghai, China
Please Contact: China-HR
Sales manager, Microscopy Imaging Systems, Great China
This position will be responsible for all sales of imaging systems, directly and through the distributor network, in greater China. The product lines include scanning laser confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy systems, Optical Coherence Tomography systems, Electrophysiology systems and microscopy components. This position reports to the General Manager.

Essential Job Functions include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Actively approaches key accounts using own market knowledge and Thorlabs knowledge in persons and systems. Recognizes and creates opportunities of sales through visits.
  • Able to close projects in a systematic, pragmatic and logical manner.
  • Able to set realistic customer’s expectations to realize a returning customer base.
  • Able to negotiate and close complex projects
  • Identifies opportunities in new markets and develop strategies on how to penetrate these markets
  • Gives market feedback and participate in the development of the next product generation.
  • Attends major tradeshows to create additional customer contacts
  • Recommends small local trade shows to the organization and their content in order to maximize the number and quality of sales leads
  • Able to track open sales project using a customer relationship management software program.
  • Lives the Thorlabs philosophy being the most appreciated problem solver for the customer’s application, i.e. he understands the application, involves Tech Support of the product lines for help, assesses the return on invest of customer specific activities, reacts quickly and keeps promises.

    Knowledge & Skills:
    • Scientific and Sales Background Qualifications:

      1) A minimum of 5 years of microscopy experience. Very familiar in microscopy techniques such as Phase Contrast, DIC, Dark Field, Köhler Illumination

      2) Working Knowledge of:

      • Confocal Microcopy

      • Two Photon Microscopy

      • Optical Coherence Tomography

      • Electrophysiology

      • Imaging Cytometry

      • Good understanding on the use of lasers and especially femtosecond lasers in imaging

      3) Minimum 5 years of experience in capital equipment sales; preferably imaging system including but not limited to microscope 2 photon, Optical Coherence Tomography and Optical Trapping equipment

      4) Experience with cellular imaging and/or recording equipment, emphasis on:

      • Electrophysiology

      • Cell transport

      • Brain slices

      • Whole Animal studies

      • Calcium imaging

      5) Advanced Degree in Biology, Neurophysiology, Anatomy or Cellular Biology. PhD candidates preferred.

    • Interpersonal and Sales Skills:

      1) Listening and communication skills

      • Fluent in English and Chinese.

      • Must be able to understand and summarize scientific data with customers.

      • Clearly communicate scientific terms and language, and understand customer application to develop sales projects.

      2) Strong presentation and sales skills.

      3) Professional selling ethics.

      4) Understand and capture new opportunities and be able to communicate them to the appropriate individuals in the company.

      • Identify new markets to be able to sell the current Thorlabs products.

      • Identify new opportunities to enhance Thorlabs core competency and develop new tools.

      5) Candidates that are familiar with Thorlabs products is a plus.

      6) Must be able to travel up to 60% of the time.

    Location - Shanghai, China
    Please Contact: China-HR
    Application Engineer

    Position: Application Engineer

    Report to: Technical Support Manager

    Location: Putuo, Shanghai

    Effective: 2014/9/18-2014/12/31

    The individual in this position will be a member of the technical support team of Thorlabs China. Alongside with other team members, this person will be responsible for providing technical support to customers based at Mainland China and Hong Kong, ensuring the core value of Thorlabs, which is customer centricity, and satisfaction of Thorlabs services and products.

    Job Responsibilities
    1. Provide technical support and answer customers’ technical questions via phone, email and online web support tool
    2. Select appropriate products and provide solutions according to customers’’ requirements by means of reproducing customers’ setup in lab or cooperating with other entities of Thorlabs, etc
    3. Arrange the return and repair process for malfunctioned products
    4. Provide customers with installation and training service on large-scale equipment
    5. Work with R & D engineer to test prototypes
    6. Generate new product ideas and assist in designing new product
    7. Attend conferences and trade shows and set up Demos
    8. Work with marketing personnel to give proof-reading for translated technical documents
    9. Other duties as assigned.
    Compensation and Benefits
    1. Base salary based on his/her role, individual performance and competencies, as well as market competitiveness
    2. Mandatory social insurance and housing fund in accordance with PRC Laws
    3. Optional supplementary medical insurance
    4. Annual medical check-up
    5. 10-15 days of annual leave days per calendar year
    Work Location

    A101, 100#, Lane 2891, South Qilianshan Rd Shanghai 200331

    If you are interested in this position, please update your resume and forward to

    Knowledge & Skills:
    • Must have:
      1. Good understanding in Optics, Mechanics and Electronics
      2. Proficiency in both oral and written English
      3. Hands on experience in a Photonic lab is highly desired
      4. Customer centering mentality
      5. Ability to be a team player
    • A Master's Degree or higher in Optics, Opto-electronics, Physics or equivalent
    Location - Shanghai,China
    Please Contact: China-HR
    Microscopy Application Specialist

    Position: Microscopy Application Specialist

    Report to: General Manager/Sales Manager

    Location: Putuo, Shanghai

    Effective: 2014/9/23-2014/12/31

    The Microscopy Imaging Application Specialist is part of the microscopy imaging systems sales team for greater China. The successful candidate will be responsible for the technical introduction, training, and problem solving for customers for Thorlabs’ imaging systems, including confocal, multiphoton, optical tweezers, Optical Coherence Tomography and Cytometry systems. The candidate must have a solid understanding of optical imaging techniques, and significant hands-on experience with imaging microscopes and optical setups. Significant travel is required.

    • Application Service:
      • Conduct demonstrations on specified equipment and provide technical expertise in pre-sales activities
      • Provide training on Thorlabs’s imaging products, and on techniques related to customer’s application
      • Identify potential customers for sales based on application interests
      • Assist sales in understanding the customer’s specific needs and application
      • Work with sales to understand competing solutions in the market, and advantages/disadvantages of each
      • Train customers post sale on use of equipment
      • Author SOP and generate application specific technical content for use by sales and marketing (Application notes and tech briefs) as requested
      • Develop applications based scientific posters and presentation
      • Work with service support teams to ensure applications are functioning correctly in the hands of customers and troubleshoot application related problems
      • Provide application development leadership in terms of identifying and implementing new applications which may positively impact sales
      • Provides on-site instrument installation, maintenance and repair of hardware and software, including customer sites, tradeshows, and courses
      • Ensures a high level of customer satisfaction through timely installation and customer service response
      • Provides technical support for equipment issues via telephone and in person
    • Sales Support:
      • Gives market feedback and participates in the development of the next product generation
      • Attends major tradeshows to create additional customer contacts
      • Organizes and attends customer side demos

    In addition to the essential functions and duties listed above, all positions are also responsible for:

    • Meeting company standards pertaining to quantity and quality of work performed on an ongoing basis, performing all work related tasks in a manner that is in compliance with all Company policies and procedures.

    The Company retains the right to change or assign other duties to this position.

    Compensation and Benefits
    1. Base salary based on his/her role, individual performance and competencies, as well as market competitiveness
    2. Mandatory social insurance and housing fund in accordance with PRC Laws.
    3. Optional supplementary medical insurance
    4. Annual medical check-up
    5. 10-15 days of annual leave days per calendar year

    A101, 100#, Lane 2891, South Qilianshan Rd Shanghai 200331

    If you are interested in this position, please update your resume and forward to

    Knowledge & Skills:
    • Ideal candidate will have the following:

      1. Hands-on experience using, demonstrating, aligning, maintaining and servicing optical imaging equipment and optical systems
      2. Ability to think and execute tasks independently
      3. Is able to listen actively, to communicate clearly, to cope with conflicts and to initiate solutions
      4. Is able to initiate communication, to summarize results, to drive processes
      5. Is able to present technical materials to large variety of audiences at different knowledge levels
      6. Lives by the Thorlabs philosophy of being the most appreciated problem solver for the customer’s application, i.e. they understand the application, are involved with technical support of the product lines for help, assess the return on invest of customer specific activities, react quickly and keep promises
    • PHD in Engineering Technology, EE, Biomedical Science, Physics

    Location - Shanghai, China
    Please Contact: China-HR
    Germany Careers
    Sachbearbeiter (m/w) Zollabwicklung
    @ Sicherstellung der zollrechtlich korrekten Import-Abwicklung @ Erstellung und Überwachung von Ausfuhranmeldungen und Pflege der exportrechtlich vorgeschriebenen Daten in ATLAS @ Allgemeiner Ansprechpartner zum Thema Zoll sowohl intern als auch extern @ Proaktive Recherche, Analyse und Umsetzung neuester Zollentwicklungen @ Abstimmung mit Behörden und Transporteuren @ Tarifierung von Waren

    Knowledge & Skills:
    • Eine erfolgreich abgeschlossene kaufmännische Ausbildung, z.B. zum Speditions- oder Industriekaufmann und/ oder Weiterbildung im Bereich Export- und Zollwesen
    • Aktuelles Fachwissen im Bereich des internationalen Zollwesens
    • Sehr gute Englischkenntnisse
    • Gute Kenntnisse in MS-Office und ATLAS
    • Selbstständige und eigenverantwortliche Arbeitsweise und Engagement
    • Gute Kommunikationsfähigkeit
    • Wir suchen Menschen, die Spaß daran haben, in einem dynamischen Team den internationalen Warenfluß mit zu gestalten! Teilen Sie die Freude am Erfolg mit uns! – Bewerben Sie sich!
    Location - Dachau, Germany
    Please Contact:
    Produkt-Entwicklungsingenieur (m/w)
    @ Konzeption und Entwicklung von optoelektronischen Messgeräten und Betreuung der Produkte über den gesamten Produktlebenszyklus @ Planung und Durchführung der dazu gehörenden Entwicklungsprojekte @ Kostenverantwortung über die Projekte und Produkte @ Durchführung von Marktrecherchen und Wettbewerbsanalysen @ Koordination der Schnittstellen aller beteiligten Bereiche, wie R&D, Einkauf, Marketing, technischer Support, Produktion sowie das Web- Team in USA

    Knowledge & Skills:
    • Ein erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Studium der Elektrotechnik
    • 5 Jahre Berufserfahrung
    • Erste Führungserfahrung
    • Hohe analytische Fähigkeiten
    • Eine ausgeprägte Kommunikationsfähigkeit und Lernbereitschaft
    • Freude am eigenständigen Arbeiten; aber auch im Team
    • Motivation, sich in neue Bereiche einzuarbeiten
    • Idealerweise Erfahrung im Schaltplandesign (analog, digital)
    • Wir suchen Menschen, die innovativ und kreativ sind; die Freude daran haben, unsere Kunden in der Forschung mit ihren eigenen Ideen und mit besseren Produkten schneller zu unterstützen. Teilen Sie die Freude am Erfolg mit uns! - Wir freuen uns auf Sie!
    Location - Dachau, Germany
    Please Contact:
    Tech Support-Ingenieur (m/w)
    @ Beratung unserer internationalen Kunden in den Forschungsbereichen Photonik, Physik und Biophysik Mitwirkung bei der Weiterentwicklung unseres Portfolios aufgrund von Kundenrückmeldungen @ Vorstellung des Produktsortiments auf Konferenzen und Messen @ Durchführung von Tests für neu entwickelte Geräte

    Knowledge & Skills:
    • Ein erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Studium der Photonik, Optik, Elektrotechnik oder Physik
    • Erste Erfahrung in der Anwendung von LabView, Matlab oder Zemax und der Programmierung in C/C++
    • Sehr gute Kommunikationsfähigkeit und Lust, sich in neue Bereich einzuarbeiten
    • Sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse
    • Interesse an der Teamarbeit mit internationalen Partnern
    • Wir suchen Menschen, die Dynamik und Professionalität in flacher Hierarchie schätzen und unseren Kunden herausragende technische Beratungsqualität bieten. Teilen Sie die Freude am Erfolg mit uns! - Wir freuen uns auf Sie!
    Location - Dachau, Germany
    Please Contact:
    Leiter (m/w) Auftragssachbearbeitung
    Unsere Auftragssachbearbeitung stellt unsere größte Schnittstelle zu unseren Kunden dar. Als Leiter (m/w) Auftragssachbearbeitung verantworten Sie die operativen Prozesse, optimieren diese und gleichen sie mit anderen Niederlassungen weltweit ab. Sie bearbeiten mit Ihrem Team taggleich alle Aufträge und erstellen selbst Angebote und Ausschreibungen. Dabei arbeiten Sie eng mit unserem Technischen Support zusammen und berichten direkt an den Vertriebsleiter. Sie übernehmen die disziplinarische und fachliche Führung von ca. 10 Mitarbeitern, die Sie mit dynamischem Einsatz und fachlicher Kompetenz zu Höchstleistungen motivieren. Damit gewährleisten Sie die kontinuierliche Aufrechterhaltung bzw. Steigerung unseres Service-Niveaus.

    Knowledge & Skills:
    • Sie haben ein abgeschlossenes betriebswirtschaftliches Studium o.Ä.
    • Sie verfügen über erste Führungserfahrung
    • Sie haben gute Kenntnisse in einem ERP-System
    • Sie arbeiten routiniert mit EDV-Anwendungen, speziell MS-Office Excel
    • Sie verfügen über sehr gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift
    • Sie zeichnen sich durch vernetztes, strukturiertes und analytisches Denken und Handeln sowie Kostenbewusstsein aus
    • Sie überzeugen auch durch Ihre ‚Hands-on‘ Mentalität
    • Sie sind kommunikationsstark und erfahren im Umgang mit internen und externen Ansprechpartnern
    • Sie sind belastbar, durchsetzungsstark und ein eigenverantwortlich handelnder Teamplayer
    • Wir suchen Menschen, die Spaß daran haben, mit ihrem dynamischen Team unsere absolute Kundenorientierung zu leben! Teilen Sie die Freude am Erfolg mit uns! – Bewerben Sie sich!
    Location - Dachau, Germany
    Please Contact:
    Sweden Careers

    Thorlabs Sweden AB är en del av stor internationell koncern, Thorlabs Inc, som är en av de största leverantörerna av fotonikprodukter för forskning och utveckling i världen. Koncernen har förutom försäljningskontor också utveckling och produktion på flera platser runt om i världen. På Thorlabs Sweden AB i Göteborg utvecklas och produceras olika optiska komponenter och instrument, och vi ansvarar för försäljning av alla Thorlabs produkter i Skandinavien, Baltikum och Polen. Vi behöver nu förstärka vår organisation med ytterligare en Applikationsingenjör.


    Du kommer att ansvara för ge teknisk support till våra kunder genom att hitta de bästa lösningarna för deras applikationer och experiment. För att kunna ge denna nivå av stöd till kunderna kommer du att jobba tillsammans andra ingenjörer, oftast från någon annan del av koncernen, med längre erfarenhet av de områden våra kunder jobbar med som t.ex. optomekanik, optik, lasrar, fibrer, spektroskopi och biofotonik. För de produkter som utvecklas och byggs i Göteborg kommer du att utveckla specialistkompetens genom att jobba tillsammans med konstruktörer och produktionstekniker. På så sätt kan du så småningom leda arbetet med kundanpassning av produkter på bästa sätt.

    Arbetet ger dig stor möjlighet att använda och utveckla dina optik- och fysikkunskaper och ta del av (och bli en del av) fotonikbranschen. Att besöka kunder och representera Thorlabs på mässor kommer också att vara en del av jobbet.

    • Teknisk/Naturvetenskaplig Högskoleutbildning med inriktning mot fysik.
    • Praktisk erfarenhet av att jobba med optik i lab, t.ex. från examensarbete eller liknande.
    • Tala och skriva svenska och engelska obehindrat. Ett plus för kunskaper i övriga skandinaviska språk eller Polska.
    • Positiv, öppen och problemlösande inställning mot kunder och kollegor.
    Vi erbjuder

    Ett stimulerande och omväxlande arbete med tekniskt avancerade produkter och trevliga kollegor. Låter ovanstående intressant så hör av dig till Olle Rosenqvist via e-post (

    Varaktighet/Arbetstid: Tills vidare/Heltid
    Lön: Fast månadslön
    Sista ansökningsdag: 2014-11-30.

    Knowledge & Skills:
    Location - Goteborg, Sweden
    Please Contact: Olle Rosenqvist
    UK Careers
    In line with the requirements of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, all applicants must be eligible to live and work in the UK. Documented evidence of eligibility will be required from candidates as part of the recruitment process.

    Thorlabs Ltd is an equal opportunities employer and is fully committed to a policy of treating all of its employees and job applicants equally, without regard to race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, marital status, civil partnership status or disability.
    Graduate Technical Support Engineer
    Reporting to the Sales & Technical Support Manager, this is an ideal Graduate opportunity in a rapidly expanding business for a technically minded individual who is keen to pursue a career in the Photonics industry.In return we will offer you full training (including training in our US and German offices), possible international travel to trade shows in the US and Asia, a varied working environment, an environment that provides hands on experimental work and communicating with customers about their cutting edge research methods.

    Knowledge & Skills:
    • Communicating with customers to understand their application and to help identify solutions ? Working closely with Engineering and the global Technical Support team, providing front-line contact with UK customers in Academic, Government and Commercial sectors. Principal channels of communication with customers will be by telephone, email and face to face contact will follow after training ? Providing back-up support to other Thorlabs sites regarding products manufactured in Ely ? Contributing towards generating sales leads and involvement in all parts of the sales process ? Assisting with the development of products by providing feedback on concepts from a customer’s perspective as well as testing and reporting performance and non-conformance ? Identify new product opportunities through customer conversations ? Occasionally attend domestic and international tradeshows
    • Ideally a higher education qualification in physics or an engineering discipline. Experience with optical fibre, optics, electronics/lasers would be beneficial, but not essential ? Excellent communication, attention to detail and follow-up skills required ? Computer literate
    Location - Ely, UK
    Please Contact: HR
    US Careers
    Thorlabs values its diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

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