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Burleigh Micromanipulators

Patch Clamp Micromanipulators for Electrophysiology

The Burleigh PCS-6000 is designed to be a complete patch clamp solution. Long-travel motors provide coarse positioning, and piezoelectric technology is designed for precise movement for the final patch. Memory positions allow you to quickly move between positions and easily exchange or optimize the placement of pipettes. The stage has been designed to have the lowest drift of any micromanipulator; electrically quiet motors, shielded cables, and careful grounding eliminate electrical interference. PC software provides a virtual joystick and 3D position readouts for enhanced control.

A wide Range of Accessories is available for the PCS-6000:

  • Steep/Shallow Headstage Adapter: Allows orientation of the headstage and pipette holder at steep or shallow angles and simplifies pipette exchange in tight spaces. The adapter is symmetrical, to work on both the left and right sides of the microscope.
  • Extension Bracket: Designed to extend the reach of pipettes for even greater positioning control.
  • Mangetic Base: Used to mount the micromanipulator to a magnetic surface, allowing for quick repositioning
  • Microscope Mounting Platforms: Solutions are available for mounting the PCS-6000 to many popular fixed stage upright and inverted microscopes.

Features and Benefits

  • Precise Positioning using Piezoelectric Technology without Jerks or Drifts
  • Easy-to-Set Motorized Memory Positions
  • Computer Software for Enhanced Control


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 Sales Sheet
PCS-6000 Complete Package
The PCS-6000 comes complete with the controllers and cabling necessary to begin work immediately. Shown above, from left to right: the micromanipulator, control box for electrical connections, the piezo control knobs, and the joystick for motor control.

For more information about this product, contact Sales at to discuss options or receive a quotation.

Travel25 mm Nominal
Resolution1.6 µm Minimum Step Size
Operator InterfaceJoystick or PC
SpeedContinuously Variable Between 5 µm/s and 2 mm/s
Travel150 µm or 300 µm
Resolution<60 nm
Operator InterfaceLarge Knobs
SpeedDirectly Proportional to the Rate of Knob Turns
Speed Between Memory Positions3.5 mm/s
Drift<1 µm per hour
Computer InterfaceUSB
Manipulator Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height*)
7" x 8.5" x 7.5"
(178 mm x 216 mm x 190.5 mm)
*Height is adjustable to fit common microscopes.
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